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Female-Centric Brand Consultancy Vows To Make A Difference And Break A Few Rules Along The Way

Incite, a female-centric brand consultancy striving to build brand strategies that evolve the female narrative, is vowing to make a difference in the industry.

The new company is led by three industry veterans with decades of marketing with women experience: Emily Spensieri, Brand Strategy Architect, Todd Mecca, Creative Visionary, and Stacy Hughes, Chief Engagement Officer. “We have been marketing with women for 20 years, so we have a clear vision of how we want to advance our philosophy and strategies for our exciting new initiative,” said Spensieri.

According to Mecca, the industry still needs to evolve its engagement with women. “Recent studies and the research we’ve conducted, maintain that women remain marginalized by advertising,” said Mecca.

The Incite Team strives to evolve the female narrative with every aspect of marketing and communications it offers. “Whether you’re reinvigorating a brand architecture or investing in research, public relations, or social media strategies to connect with women, Incite applies a unique and female-centric approach to the initiative,” explained Hughes.

Despite the importance of all these marketing components, The Incite Team puts the heaviest weight on research and brand building. Incite contends that building a sturdy architecture is critical to a brand’s success, as is the brand team’s connection with it. Incite’s brand building process allows team members to inject the brand with its very own attitude, which brings it to life right before their eyes – it becomes someone they can believe in.

But, all the belief in the world is meaningless without research that creates a bond between the brand and its female audience. Incite’s research process was made specifically with women in mind and is the foundation upon which meaningful connections and profits are built. “We’re like matchmakers,” said Mecca. “We help create mutually beneficial relationships between brands and female consumers.”

Incite’s launch campaign underscores its commitment to making a difference. The Break The Rules campaign asks brands to think beyond the stereotypes and shatter the status quo to connect with women. And, it reveals the heart of a rule-breaker at Incite’s core.

“We encourage and support rule-breakers that create advancement for women,” said Spensieri. Currently, the female-centric brand consultancy will be donating company proceeds to Girls Who Code, a not-for-profit organization that works to close the gender gap in technology.

“Rule-breakers create exciting and needed change,” explained Hughes. “Girls Who Code is a rule-breaking maverick, and we want to support the not-for-profit organization as it rewrites the rules for girls and women striving to make their mark in the world of tech.”

The “Break the Rules” campaign launched August 26, 2018, National Women’s Equality Day to commemorate the day women gained the constitutional right to vote in the US. “It took lionhearted rule breakers to change the US constitution, said Spensieri. “We wanted to pay homage to those trailblazers.”

The Incite Team’s definition of success is founded in unique beliefs, offering the uncommon as commonplace and most importantly, breaking the rules to make a difference.

To learn more about how rule-breakers connect more effectively with female audiences or to start breaking the rules yourself, contact Incite at or visit Take the Break the Rules quiz to see where you’re at on the Rule Breaker scale at .

Incite – Building brands with a flair for women.


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