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I Will Be More Relevant: A Brand’s New Year's Resolution

Does your brand need a new outlook this year? Is it tired and in need of rejuvenation? The answer is yes! A Brand is a living breathing entity, so like any of us, it needs shaking up, which will enable it to look your audience in the eye this year with a fresh-faced exuberance. And, because your brand is a living breathing entity, you should start referring to her or him accordingly. This might feel odd at first, but not for long and not if you believe in Her. If you do this right, your brand can start the year proclaiming Her New Year’s resolution with the certainty you need to hear, “I will be more relevant!”

The “shake-up” starts with you and your team. If you and your team don’t believe in Her, your audience won’t either. No belief equals no relevance. So, how well do you know Her? What’s Her favourite song? What are Her friends like? These are important questions to answer and it’s just as important to know why you feel those are the right answers. I’m not talking about creating a mood board, I’m talking about you and your team living the experience with Her. You should be arguing vehemently with your colleagues as to why She would most definitely listen to Justin Bieber. (Yes, Despacito!).

If you’ve already done battle over the Biebs, you still need to check in with Her, because relevance is as fleeting as each day’s trending #hashtags. Ultimately, your commitment will help Her keep Her resolution. In fact, your New Year resolution should be that you never take Her relevance for granted, no matter how many times you have to defend Her love of the Biebs, Despacito and the Selena on-again off-again romance – Jelena forever!

To make bold New Year’s resolutions you can keep, contact The Incite Team about Branditude workshops today! !! @theinciteteam . Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay up to date on trending marketing with women stats.

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