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LagomToday Uses SheLaunch Platform To Find Its Voice

Women have never been more multifaceted. They remain primary caregivers for their families at home, while maintaining significant and taxing roles in the workforce. Yet they still find time to chase personal aspirations and goals. When one of these multifaceted and entrepreneurial women asked Incite to help her create an identity for her podcast (her aspiration), we were thrilled to help her find her voice using our SheLaunch Platform.

LagomToday is an initiative that helps moms and dads make the most of “outside time” with their children. Not necessarily for a “packing a backpack with a tent and making your own granola” day outing (although it could entail an outing as adventurous as that). But it could also entail simply taking a walk together or tossing a ball around in the backyard. LagomToday helps parents fully experience the beauty of being present with their children when sharing “outside time,” whether it’s for five minutes or five days.

Sara Giguere, founder of LagomToday, asked Incite to develop an overall marketing strategy direction for the initiative, which would help her determine how to best reach parents with her informative podcast content. But, before any promotion could commence, Incite was asked to create a logo that exemplifies who LagomToday is – one of the first steps one must take when establishing a brand voice.

Lagom, in Swedish, means “just the right amount”. Sara’s Nordic influence was a crucial element for Incite to use as logo inspiration. What resulted was an organic, modern logo, with Scandinavian folk art influence. LagomToday’s logo and its brand voice reflects a whimsical, yet simplistic, natural approach to outdoor interactions between parents and their children.

If you want to be inspired or if you’d like to learn how you can add “just the right amount” to your life with your children, make sure you listen to LagomToday’s podcasts. Take time for you and for your family.

Join us as we celebrate a female entrepreneur’s newly launched dream – listen to LagomToday’s first podcast today!


To learn more about SheLaunch, visit theinciteteam.com/shelaunch and listen to other inspirational female entrepreneurs share their stories.

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