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Love, Your Brand

All any of us want on Valentine’s Day is to make a connection, right? Great connections create dynamic interaction. Whether that’s with your acquaintances, best pals, family members or life partner.

The same holds true for Brands. A great connection is tied to the meshing of personalities and brands that have strong personalities create strong connections with their female audiences. If we think Nike, we think of a strong, progressive, never-give-up personality. If we think Apple, we think of a quirky, genius, fun-loving personality. What comes to mind when you think of your brand? Does your customer agree? Do they feel they can talk to your brand, connect with her, dance with her. Well, maybe not dance, but the more your brand exudes personality, the more likely your female audience will gravitate towards it, because she wants to connect with your brand. Women want to love their brands.

So, this Valentine’s Day, think about how you can create a strong connection with your female audience, show her some love and your personality and give her a chance to love you back.

The Incite Team

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