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Our M2W Session In NYC Next Week!

Branditude: The Heartbeat of a Brand and the Part You Play in its Love Affair with Women!

The key to creating a strong connection with your female audience hinges on you and your team. Because if you don’t believe in Her, your audience won’t either. No belief equals no relevance. No passion. No purchase. No love.

In our session at the Marketing To Women Conference in NYC October 3, I will explain how The Incite Team’s unique Branditude workshops help bring brands to life and spark new energy into brand team beliefs and dynamics across many categories. Our workshops challenge assumptions and get to the real Her. Asking questions like, what’s Her favourite song? What are Her friends like? Forget the mood boards, this is about you and your team living the experience with Her. Referencing various case studies, I’ll demonstrate how our workshops are provocative with purpose. They might have you and your colleagues arguing vehemently as to why She would most definitely listen to Justin Bieber. (Yes, Despacito!). Or, if She wants kids.

But, whether you’re launching a new product, transforming an existing brand into a more current iteration, or if you want your team to fall in love with their brand all over again, this session will illustrate how you can achieve your objectives and greater success with today’s female consumer. And, why some Branditude should definitely be in your future!

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Oct 2 & 3!

Emily Spensieri

Brand Strategy Architect

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