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The Dirt.

While watching TV ads that are featuring the latest cleaning devices, I often find myself asking, “Who on earth is vacuuming or mopping their already pristine house in heels?”

Miss #1

I get it, TV ads are trying to convey that their product is so easy to use, yet incredibly effective, that a woman can actually clean the house in her heels. But, again I ask, “Who on earth would do that?” Also, no matter how easy the product makes cleaning, nobody’s enjoying it. Seriously, when I’m deciding what I want to DO on the weekend, it’s never cleaning – N E V E R! And, I don’t care how easy it is. I love when a product makes the cleaning easier and faster, yes! But, I’m still not looking forward to it like a would a glass of wine with my dinner.

Miss #2

With kids, pets or just LIVING in a house, NOTHING is every truly clean. There are cheerios under the table, a random sock on the stairs, incessant dust and dust bunnies that bounce back into the corners as fast as you clean them and dirt that appears again, like an evil magic trick, under the heating panels.

Yet, TV spots either feature women living in immaculate, museum-like homes or portray them as overwhelmed, can’t-even-take-a -shower, hair-sticking-up defeated women. There seems to be very little on TV that portrays real life.

Keep It Real

When I entertain, my friends and family often comment on how clean my home is, to which I respond, “Trust me, it didn’t look like this yesterday!” And, they’re always relieved to know they’re not alone.

Women just want to be real. They want to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly, whatever that may be. Whether it’s the goldfish in their car, the cat hair on her pristine suit, or her friends complimenting her beautiful home. Life is a mixed bag – and that reality is something women can relate with, which will create stronger connections between her and your brand.

Brands can go too far when trying to portray an aspirational or shambolic life and women see through it or flat out ignore it because it doesn’t feel real or insightful.

So, be real, don’t patronize her and get a little dirty. She’s more likely to stick with you and she’ll even boast a little.

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