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Wellness, Your Brand And The New Year

It’s a new year and as is the case with each new year, health and wellness become a focus or goal for many of us. Whether it’s losing weight and eating healthier or working out and being mindful, wellness is definitely on our minds. It’s on our minds at Incite too and it’s not just because women in North America spend over $125 Billion on healthy eating and nutrition, although those are attention-grabbing numbers! It’s because, as the trend towards healthier living swells, we believe the notion of health and wellness should be woven into most brand fabrics. Meaning, consumer health and wellness is a much broader category than the obvious supplement, workout and weight-loss brands. For example, recent research conducted by the University of California found that a one hour museum tour can alleviate feelings of chronic pain and reduce feelings of isolation. The health benefits are so pertinent that physicians in Montreal, Canada can now prescribe a visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Yup, museums are now in the health & wellness game too – that’s well beyond the traditional definition of a health & wellness brand!

A Few More Compelling Stats:

· 2/3 of women say their brand preferences are influenced by brands that motivate them to be healthy

· With the exception of family, millennials value health the most

· The majority of GenXers are responsible for health decisions that impact both their parents and children, making them responsible for the health habits of both Boomers and Gen Zers (the generation after Millennials)

· Nearly 9 in 10 North Americans practice self-care and 1/3 of consumers have increased their self-care during the past year

· Boomers are the least interested in personalized health communications that don’t come from a doctor

· Women make 80% of medication purchases and treatment decisions

If your brand isn’t motivating her to be healthy and happy, you’re missing a key component of effectively marketing with her in today’s health-gripped marketplace. Start by expanding your definition of health and wellness and then let us help you build a brand that infuses health & wellness into its very foundation.

Here’s To A Healthy and Happy 2020!

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